How to write the perfect wedding toast



Do you need to write a toast for the bride or groom in your life but don't know where to start? Allow me to offer my two cents and hopefully get the ball rolling for you. Public speaking can be scary, but if you're prepared it's a little less scary and won't be nearly as bad as you think.

You can do it! You posses the knowledge to create a winning toast that will get you at least one "good job" from a wedding guest when you're finished. Even if it's me Skyping you from another wedding.


Ok, here we go....

  • Funny Opener - "Hello everyone. I'm [insert name], the [bride or groom]'s more attractive counterpart. [Feel free to replace "attractive counter part" with a more wittier comparison.


  • Recall a funny moment between you and the bride and groom, talk about how you met A LITTLE in the beginning from when you met.


  • Talk about how the person has always had your back, giving you a chance to show what they mean to you and there awesome personality traits that are also selfless traits. End this with a funny quip.

Tie together now how the spouse compliments this persons traits, and how they are soooo comfortable with each other, and bring out each others winning traits. Careful not to word it as if this person was nothing without them. We're celebrating these people, not talking about how they weren't anything before such and such came into their lives.

  • Tell everyone to raise their glasses [It's easy to forget] and join in congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs. [Insert last name here]

That's literally it. If you can do all these things, trust me, you'll have a winning toast. I should know, I wrote my cousin's toast this past weekend and it was a hit!