New York Wedding Photographer-Saratoga Springs,NY-Jared and Michele

I've never been to Saratoga Springs. I actually thought the only Saratoga that existed was in California, and that the song "You're so vain" was in reference to that one. I don't think I was right, because as I was driving to Saratoga Springs in New York were I saw lots of horses. Now that's a place where your horse would naturally win. Eh? Eh? 

I arrived at Moon's Lake house to meet Michele and Jared, who were definitely not the vain type. They were two people who were excited to spend a day with their loved ones, and bring everyone together for a celebration of love and life. I'm very thankful I was able to be apart of their day, as I definitely felt the love with everyone's generosity and kindness towards me. I'm a gluten for kindness, and I can never get enough.