New York Weddding Photographer Huntington, NY-Karen & John

I really like nice people. I'm a nice person, so I'm always thrilled to meet other nice people. No shade to New York (scratch that, LOTS OF SHADE), but you really really really have to appreciate it when run into nice people here, because this is a rough town.

Karen and Jon have to be one of the sweetest couples on the planet. From the moment I walked in I was greeted by Karen with a enthusiastic "Hi hun!" followed by a warm hug, and questions on if I needed anything. Anyone who hugs me and offers me food is already a winner in my book, so I was sold!

Throughout the day we traveled from Karen and Jon's home where she was dressed, to the Vanderbilt Museum where we took their portraits, and finally to Prime Restaurant where Karen and John had their ceremony and reception. The whole time Karen and John maintained the same sweetness and kindness that they'd greeted me with that same morning when I arrived at their home. They were cool, calm, collective, and most importantly, they were kind people. My favorite KIND of people, pun intended.